Better Masking Made Easy


A mask only works if it fits. We scanned over 4000 faces to develop an optimal ergonomic design for inclusive fit.

>97% Filtration

Every AirPop Mask has an electrostatically charged filter layer, which filters >97% filtration of <0.3 micron particles.

Easier breathing

Our canopied design keeps material off your lips making breathing effortless and lower resistance than N95 respirators

Performance You Can Trust

We take extraordinary care to select the optimum blend of materials for continuous high performance and comfort wear after wear.

In independent lab tests, all AirPop masks demonstrated >97% sub micron particle filtration efficiency and 1/3 lower breathing resistance than the average N95 respirator.

Light SE KN95 Mask

If you need the fitted protection of a KN95 respirator with the lightweight, breathability of a reusable cloth mask then the AirPop Light SE literally is the best of all worlds.

Contoured Fit
Adjustable Loops
Washable 10x
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Pocket KN95 Mask

No matter how chaotic or streamlined your day is, the reusable AirPop Pocket KN95 mask is engineered for the way we all live today, providing incredible comfort, filtration, and effortless breathability.

Foam Seal
Adjustable Loops
Optional Case
Washable 10x
Breathe Easier Now  

Kids KN95 Mask

Finally, a reusable KN95 mask designed for kids that is so breathable and comfortable they forget they’re wearing it. Engineered specifically for the breathing cycles of young lungs and ergonomically contoured to conform to different children’s faces.

Foam Seal
Kind To Ears
Optional Case
Washable 10x
Give Them Comfort  
JS Bin

Active Pollution Mask

Designed to move with you.
The uniquely ergonomic design and our engineered "Airknit" material deliver advanced comfort, superior breathability and lightweight protection.

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Active (+) Smart Mask

The World’s First “Air Wearable”.
Paired with a compatible  smartphone, the Halo Sensor built into our lightest weight and most breathable Active Mask provides unique insight into breathing rate, activity, AQI in the environment and mask filter use & lifespan.

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Original Pollution Mask

Where our journey began.
Engineered soft touch microfibre formed to perfectly fit your face. 300+ Micro-apertures evenly channel airflow ensuring optimal heat and moisture exchange for delivering market leading comfort.

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