Our Purpose

Every Breath Counts

Clean Air Is Essential

But unlike food and water, we cannot choose the air we breathe.

Air Pollution

99% of the World’s population breathe toxic air every day.

Climate Change

is amplifying the frequency and
severity of wildifires.

Airborne Disease

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unpleasant memory for most...

Daily Defense

For countless vulnerable individuals, "Living with COVID" means daily vigilance.

The Problem Is...

Nobody wants to wear a mask.

Most Masks...

  • Make breathing difficult.
  • Make communication harder.
  • Cause irritation & chaffing.
  • Are terrible with glasses.
  • Don’t fit.
  • Are ineffective.

Machine Design

Traditional PPE masks are a product of the machines that make them rather than the people who wear them.

Made Human

We reimagined what a daily civilian-use respirator should be to create an unrivalled wearing experience.