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Pocket Storage Case

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A close up of an AirPop Pocket Storage Case on a black background.

Pocket Storage Case


Make your masks last

A crushed, ripped, or otherwise damaged mask isn’t protecting you. Any structural damage to a mask can prevent it from sealing properly, and you want to ensure your masks are in pristine condition for as long as possible. The Pocket Storage Case allows you to take off and store your masks worry-free.

Keep Your AirPop® Pocket Mask at your fingertips when out and about so it’s always in reach when you need it, just in case!

Re-usable stowaway case for keeping your pocket mask hygienic between wears.

Easy fold and stow design.

Air vent to help expel moisture.

Works with AirPop® Pocket & Kids Masks.


To ensure your mask is always comfortable, we’ve fitted each Pocket Storage Case with a vent allowing humidity that has built up on the mask during wear to escape. You shouldn’t be wearing a damp, uncomfortable mask, and we’ve ensured you won’t be.

Always pocketable

The Pocket Storage Case is practical. Smaller than a glasses case, the Pocket Storage Case is designed to slip into any pocket, handbag, or backpack easily. We don’t want our masks to fill your pocket. Instead, our storage case will easily slip in next to your phone, wallet, and keys.

Perfect for children

The Pocket Storage Case is the perfect companion to the AirPop Kids Mask. Even for adults, it’s sometimes hard not to damage our masks. For children, it’s a totally different story. Rest assured knowing your child has a safe place to store their masks when they aren’t in use.

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