The Mask Reimagined

First we had reimagine the way masks are designed & manufactured in order to improve how they fit, feel and perform for the people who wear them.

3 Pillars Of Mask Design

Any mask or face covering with a poor fit is ineffective, and without high filtration performance it will do little to block sub micron particles. Good fit & filtration is not enough, if a mask isn’t breathable it simply won’t be worn in the first place.

Effective performance is achieved when all 3 pillars of good mask design meet in the middle:

High Filtration Efficacy
Secure & Effective Fit
Breathable To Wear

Professional Level Filtration

For all of our 4-layer masks and filters, we take extraordinary care to select the optimum blend of materials for continuous high performance and comfort wear after wear.

At the core of each AirPop is a layer of high-performance  electret non-woven filter media which in independent lab testing demonstrated >97% filtration efficiency of <0.3 micron airborne particles such as pollen, pet dander, allergens, dirt, environmental air pollution and other airborne particulate matter. 

Scanning Electron Microscope image of the inner core of AirPop Light SE credited to University of Minnesota Centre for Filtration Research

We Built In "Airchitecture”

Our innovative 3D Dome design is engineered for ideal air exchange, reducing CO2 accumulation and allows for natural, easy breathing.

This also prevents the mask from collapsing onto the lips/cheeks which can make speech difficult and also exacerbate skin or lip irritation through continuous abrasion.

Our signature material selection delivers an exceptionally light and easy breathing experience that in tests is less than 1/3 of national respirator standards.

Fit For Purpose

Through our extensive research, we scanned and gathered the data of over 4000 faces from people all over the globe. We aggregated this data and used it to engineer a mask design with unparalleled fit: A mask designed for everybody, everywhere, every day..

"Good performance is achieved when the the 3 parameters of filtration, fit and breathability are optimized at the preferred threshold"

— World Health Organization December 2020

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