Original Mask

Soft Seal Filter | Reusable | Meets ASTM F3502

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A black AirPop Original Mask on a black background.

Original Mask

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AirPop filter system


>97% Filter Efficiency @ 0.3 Micron

Japanese made Toray Micron filter core has a permanent electrostatic charge to trap any particle. Outer layers resist fluid, dust and dirt. 

360° Ergonomic Flex Frame

Innovative superlight internal frame maintains the filters correct structure, shape and fit when snapped into the AirPop mask shell.

100% Airlock Barrier

Two Soft-Touch membranes ncrease surface area for optimal sealing on a range of face sizes. Medical-grade, hygienic and comfortable.

Replaceable filter system

SNAP IN: Filter self-registers into the soft shell by attaching with two snaps.

FLIP OUT: To adjust fit, simply flip out the top layer of the seal for larger sizes.

We reimagined what a daily use mask could be

Busy cities are some of the worst places for air pollution. Whether you’re commuting on public or private transport, we expose our lungs to far more than we bargained for.

We created the Original mask as our vision of what a daily protective mask should be: Comfortable, effective, and durable. Day after day.

AirPop Design & Innovation Awards

>97% filtration tested to US standards

The AirPop Original mask is tested in a CNAS-accredited laboratory to meet KN95 (GB2626:2019) non-powered, air purifying respirator standard.

In addition, the AirPop mask filters have undergone further testing by Intertek New York and meets ASTM F3502-21. The result is an ultra-breathable , reusable mask that meets stringent respirator standards of filtration and breathability.

Uniquely forms to fit your face

The AirPop Original is made from a microfibre shell featuring over 300 micro-apertures. These evenly channel cold exterior air and vent internal heat making the Original Mask perfectly suited for colder climates.

Like a pair of comfy sneakers, the AirPop Original shell will form to your face and become more comfortable over time.

Built for endurance

The AirPop Original mask is designed to be truly reusable. Each microfibre shell takes over six hours to manufacture and can be hand-washed with no degradation or loss of quality, and each filter lasts 40+ hours.

When cared for, the AirPop Original will be the only mask you’ll ever need meaning less waste and lots of savings.

Snap-in reusable filter system

Our self-registering snap-in design allows for convenient, reliable filter changes in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, each filter is made from medical-grade, latex-free material, making it both hygienic and comfortable.

With the AirPop Reusable Filters, you won't need to worry about unwanted skin abrasions.

Flexible & adaptive 360° filter seal

On the AirPop Original we knew the seal had to be a key focus of the mask. With this in mind, we designed the industry's first 360° flexible seal on a melt-blown filter.

The flexible food grade membrane can be adapted for different face shapes and sizes to create a secure and comfortable seal.

A Mask you’ll want to wear

Alongside proven performance and exceptional comfort, the AirPop Original is a mask that looks good.

With the sleek, urban look, we are confident the AirPop Original is a mask you’ll actually want to wear When masking is essential, there’s no reason we can’t also look great!

Free from harmful substances

We don’t add graphene to our masks and filters, or apply any antiviral coatings that could become harmful to your body.

The microfibre we use is certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, meaning every element used in manufacturing of this material is harmless to human health.

The non-woven materials used throughout our masks and filters, meet the same skin biocompatibility standards required for medical devices.

Each AirPop Original filter is meticulously crafted to last for 40 hours of continuous wear. If you’re wearing the mask in highly polluted environments, you may want to consider replacing the filter more regularly - if breathing becomes laboured, swap out the filter.

Cleaning with alcohol wipes

We recommend cleaning your Pocket mask with 70% alcohol wipes to retain the best performance. Cover every surface of the mask, and continue wiping for at least 20 seconds. If the wipe dries up or is small, you may need to use two or three wipes to clean the Pocket mask completely. Once complete, hang the mask to dry naturally.

Cleaning in a hand basin

The AirPop Pocket can also be cleaned in a hand basin using warm water and a mild detergent, gently rubbing the water and soap on the surfaces of the mask. Ensure the whole mask is rinsed in cold water before leaving it out to hang to dry naturally. To retain the best performance, we recommend alcohol wipes.

How to clean your Original Mask

iF design award 2017 winner

The first air pollution mask to marry high performance and high style. Aerospace grade replaceable filters (PM2.5) are digitally authenticated via app. Sensual, contoured shape complements face and body. Material innovation: softshell textile engineered for softness and resilience makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Comfort and peace of mind

Comfort and peace of mind

These are comfortable for wearing all day school and I can breathe well enough for minimal singing. I don’t feel the need to constantly adjust it when I am talking.

— Mariah D

Feeling safe

Feeling safe

Finally found a company with masks that fit my face well. They also don’t fog up my glasses when I am not at home.

— Max H

Best fitting mask I have used

Best fitting mask I have used

Best fitting mask i have used with over ear attachment. Easy to breathe through with good face seal.

— Nigel L

A very good mask

A very good mask

What I like about it is that it stay away from the face so you do feel like you have a hood over your head. It also does a good job of not fogging up my glasses. My only compliant is I wish there was even a larger one. I like the mask to cover from the bottom of my chin to over the 1/2 to one inch of my nose and for me, it is just a little short. Other than that one issue, I really like the mask and recommend it.

— Steven Y

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