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Filter Refills 4 pcs

360 Filter Seal | Reusable | Meets ASTM F3502 & KN95

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A set of AirPop Filter Refills 4 pcs with a white background.

Filter Refills 4 pcs

$9.99 $19.99

AirPop Advanced Pollution Filter System

To create the ultimate air experience we reinvented filtration from scratch.
Designed from the inside out, we focused on efficacy, wearability, breathability and comfort. What we achieved is a breath of fresh air.
The 3D structure of our filter system creates a canopy of air that keeps the mask off the face for effortless breathability,
whilst the 360° adaptive facial seal & contoured design ensure the mask stay comfortably sealed as you move.


>97% Filtration efficiency

Japanese made Toray Micron filter core has a permanent electrostatic charge to trap any particle. Outer layers resist fluid, dust and dirt. 

360° Ergonomic frame

Innovative superlight internal frame maintains the filters correct structure, shape and fit when snapped into the AirPop mask shell.

100% Comfortable Fit

Two Soft-Touch membranes ncrease surface area for optimal sealing on a range of face sizes. Medical-grade, hygienic and comfortable.

Fitting our advanced pollution filters is incredibly easy.It’s easy enough that you won’t need this guide, but we wanted to ensure it’s here if you need it.

Step 1

Align the filter's L & R mounting holes with the L & R notches on your Active or Original shell

Step 2

Starting on the left, press down on the filter firmly, using your fingernail to push the filterdown until it clicks into place on the notch

Step 3

Repeat step 2 on the right side of the mask

Proven Performance

With GB2626:2019 KN95 and ASTM F3502-21 certifications, you can trust our advanced pollution filters. We manufacture only masks following our ‘dual certification’ belief. KN95 shows the filters can filter> 95% of particles, and ASTM F3502-21 shows our filters have incredible breathability and reusability.

Built to last

Disposable masks are a thing of the past. Each AirPop Advanced Pollution Filter is specifically designed to join you through a 40-hour work or school week. Not only does this mean less environmental waste, but it also saves you money! We even offer a monthly subscription service if you never want to worry about filters again.

More Than Breathable

Our Advanced Pollution Filters are designed to be comfortable. To be that, we needed to make the most breathable filters around, and we believe we’ve done that. With our Advanced Pollution Filters combined with an AirPop Air Wearable, you’ll forget you’re wearing a mask.

Washable. Really

Most filters degrade as soon as they are washed, so you should never wash masks. However, our Advanced Pollution Filters are designed with premium materials and have been proven by third-party laboratories to retain > 97% filtration even after 10 wash cycles. This true reusability.


The AirPop Advanced Pollution Filter is incredibly easy to replace and fit. Changing filters in a mask shouldn’t be a big deal, and we ensured the process is as seamless as possible. With the AirPop Original, Active, and Active+, you’ll never be frustrated by incorrectly fitted filters.

Protects against everything

The AirPop Advanced pollution filter has not only > 98% filtration performance against 0.3 micron particles, but it also features > 99% viral and bacterial filtration. This means the filters are ready to protect you against the vast majority of airborne pollutants.