Air Pollution Likely Increases Dementia Risk

Air Pollution Likely Increases Dementia Risk

In a study released a few years ago, researchers found that air pollution likely impacted every organ in the human body. At the time, the research paved the way for us to understand just how harmful air pollution is.

Since, much more research has been done tying air pollution directly to an increased risk of respiratory diseases and heart conditions. While ties have also been found between air pollution and a range of health conditions such as depression, decreased cognitive function, and much more, many of the links have not yet been proven beyond all doubt.

However, a recent study by The Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants analysed over 70 studies looking at the impacts of emissions on the brain over time. Perhaps as expected, the report concludes that air pollution is likely to accelerate cognitive decline and increase the risk of dementia in older individuals.

Although the report only states a likely relationship between the two, with the overwhelming number of research pointing to a connection between cognitive decline and air pollution, it’s almost certain that this relationship does exist. 

While the study points to a likely relationship between air pollution and brain conditions such as dementia, it doesn’t look into the specifics behind the pollutants. With air pollution being a combination of an extensive range of pollutants, it would be instrumental to know which pollutants are directly responsible for the discovered health conditions.

Regardless, this recent study has again highlighted the dangers that air pollution is causing not only on an individual level but also on a societal level. There is little in our body that isn’t impacted by air pollution, and every day there is more damning evidence against one of the biggest health concerns in the 21st century.


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