IQAir Updates Air Pollution Map

IQAir Updates Air Pollution Map

IQAir has provided one of the most well-rounded and robust air pollution monitoring platforms for several years. However, recent updates to the IQAir data platform in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme have significantly increased the functionality and data provided by the map. So if you’re looking for the most in-depth air pollution data platform on the internet, check IQAir’s map.

On top of providing the basic data in the form of AQI readings, IQAir’s map also includes wind direction, wildfire locations, and a population-density overlay. Even more impressively, this data is all live, meaning it is always an accurate reading of the 27,000 air quality monitors contributing to the map.

However, perhaps the most innovative feature of the updated map is the most impacted age group. When looking at the entire map or an individual country, the map can identify which age group within that region is most at risk. For example, 40-59-year-olds in California may be the most at risk.

On an individual level, this extra feature isn’t particularly useful. It’s more beneficial for us to know the local air quality and act accordingly. However, for research, understanding which segments of society are most impacted is greatly useful both for IQAir and the UNEP.

With this updated version of the real-time platform only becoming available on September 7th, it’s an excellent time to go back and check out IQAir. They are making strides in the field of air quality monitoring and, as of now, have the most detailed pollution mapping platform.


Read more about the updates here.

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