London Air Pollution Sources - An Interactable Graph

London Air Pollution Sources - An Interactable Graph

Impact on Urban Health, a U.K-based organisation focusing on urban health - primarily in London - has aggregated and presented an interactable graph based on air pollution data from London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory. While the data alone may not be particularly interesting, the interactive presentation Impact on Urban Health created is fascinating and worth looking into.

The graph will default to ‘main source category’. While this graph has some interesting information, it’s largely predictable. In London, around 56% of air pollution is caused by transport, 32% by industrial and commercial sources, 9% by domestic sources, 2% by resuspended dust, and 0.6% by other sources.

However, when you narrow the table by ‘sector’ or ‘source’ you can access a wealth of information. All of the aforementioned categories are divided into individual sectors (road transport, aviation, etc) or sources (diesel cars, petrol cars, taxis, etc). 

While we could discuss all the specifics here, we highly recommend checking out the graph yourself. It’s interesting to see what the major sources of airborne pollution in London are, and many of these results likely carry over to other large, developed cities.

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