Masking Mandates Being Reintroduced

Masking Mandates Being Reintroduced

Just as mask mandates have been partially or fully dropping in many countries worldwide, we are beginning to see mandates reintroduced in some countries ahead of the winter months.

Germany has announced its new rules, which aim to curb the spread of COVID-19 during the year's colder months. Since October, FFP2 masks have been required on long-distance trains and in healthcare settings. These rules will likely expand if COVID-19 cases continue to rise over the coming months.

Other countries, such as Singapore, haven't yet reintroduced new masking measures but are currently considering reinstating the mandates. Similar to Germany, new mandates will likely be introduced if cases continue to rise.

Some countries, such as Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia, have made masking voluntary in most spaces. However, many continue to mask to protect themselves and others. South Korea still strictly requires masks on public transport, but not elsewhere.

With case numbers jumping in many areas, keeping up to date with your local masking requirements is essential. If you plan to travel, ensure you are informed about the requirements in the countries you plan to travel to.

It's best to be prepared, and if you are travelling, we recommend having a few masks on hand, so you're ready for whatever the requirements are.

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