Over 35% of Respiratory Problems Related to Air Pollution

Over 35% of Respiratory Problems Related to Air Pollution

A recent study conducted in Bradford, England, collected respiratory problem data from over 100,000 GP and 10,000 A&E visits. From this data, the researchers found that 35% and 49% of breathing issue visits at GPs and A&E respectively were linked to air pollution.

Bradford often sees air pollution levels exceed guidelines and, on average, sees 157 days per year where air pollution exceeds the local guidelines. In particular, nitrogen dioxide from car exhausts often soars above the recommended levels.

Perhaps most worryingly, the study also found that patients were still suffering from the impacts of pollutants up to 100 days after being exposed to them. This goes to show that air pollution is a long-term issue which needs attention immediately.

Dr Brad Wilson said that about 15% of daily cases were related to respiratory problems, and this percentage is even higher in winter. With this new research finding between 35% and 49% of these visits are related to air pollution, it’s possible that as much as 7.5% of doctors' visits in Bradford are related to air pollution.

The findings of this report are wide-reaching as while the research was limited to Bradford, it shows the deep impact air pollution can have on the health of a community.

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