The Most Comfortable Mask

You'll Ever Wear.

The Ultimate Balance of Comfort & Performance

Stops Fogging

Flexible nose bridge

>97% Filtration

KN95 & ASTM F3502-21

Room To Breathe

Easy breathing & clear speech

Easy On The Ears

Soft adjustable ear-loops

Say Goodbye To Foggy Glasses

We designed a flexible nose seal to achieve the most comfortable and perfect fit. This seal flips out to adjust to your individual nose shape and creates a seal that stops your glasses from misting.

Exploded  rotating view of airpot light se mask

We Focus On Filtering What Matters.

AirPop Light SE has earned certifications from two premier PPE labs in North America, employing rigorous industry-standard tests, achieving >97% filtration efficacy with 0.3-micron particle size.

Breathe & Speak Naturally

AirPop masks are ingeniously crafted to "pop" into a 3D shape, forming a canopy that circulates cooler air around your face as you breathe naturally. The ultra-lightweight construction also ensures that your speech remains clear and audible.

No More Mask Fatigue.

We’ve all worn uncomfortable masks before. All too often, it only takes a couple of hours for the ear strain to become unbearable. 
The ear loops on the Light SE are adjustable so you can find the balance of comfort and secure fit that's right for you.

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What our customers say...

“They're comfortable, easy to breathe in, and don't fog your glasses!”

— Spencer E

“Great for people who wear glasses - no fogging!”

— Karin D

“Most comfortable mask I've tried.
Lasts all week at work (40hrs)”

— Shane L