Setting up your Active+ Smart Mask with Halo

Halo App Compatibility    

The Halo app is available to download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Our app is compatible with Apple iPhone devices running iOS 12.0 or later and most Android devices running OS 5.0 or later.  

NOTE: Please check the app store for compatibility with your own device prior to purchasing the Active+ mask.

Click here to download the Apple iOS app 

Click here to download the Android app 

Pairing the Halo sensor with the App on your mobile device.

For first-time user, please remove the insulator on Halo's back cover and then link to APP. If that does not work, please open the back cover from the inside of the mask outer and take out battery and insert it again, check whether the LED light flashes. If there is no response, please replace a new battery. Secondly, please put the smart mask close to the phone, the closer the better. If the above operation still does not work, please try to switch the phone Bluetooth or restart the phone.

Please click here to view our Quick Start Guide


The Halo sensor is powered by a CR1632 coin battery and is not rechargeable.
Subject to usage of the sensor in active tracking mode, the battery should last between 2-4 months based on 2-6 hours average use per day. 


Please remove the Halo sensor before washing the Active+ outer shell
The Halo Sensor can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe or can be dried with a clean lint free cloth.
The outer shell is made from nylon jacquard and can be hand washed with mild detergent at 30-40 degree Celsius in warm water for 5 - 10 minutes. Rinse in clean water and allow to dry naturally, ideally at least 24 hours or until your mask is completely dry. Do not iron.

Use Whilst Exercising   

The Active+ Halo Smart masks is designed for comfort, breathability and for the purpose of active outdoor lifestyles. If however at any point while wearing the mask during exercise you feel ill, please remove the mask. 

Water Resistance             

The Halo Sensor is IP64 rated so can be used in light rain and is resistant to spray.
It cannot be submerged.            

Using without your phone.  

You can wear the mask without having your phone with you, and sync later when you do. The Halo can retain breathing data information for up to 7 days. 
If you want to use the Active mode, you need to start it in the app on your phone. To get a full functionality of the app (such as sharing your location with the app or tracking your statistics) it's best to carry your device with you.
The data synchronized to the App will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. If a new mobile phone is replaced, the previous data can be synchronized from the cloud to the new mobile phone as long as the same account is used. 

Factors that will affect the accuracy of the breathing sensor.  

The following play a key role determining the accuracy of the data in the app:
1. Gender, height, weight and age. 
2. Ambient conditions- temperature & humidity.
The normal working temperature range of Halo is -10℃-35℃. It is recommended not to apply severe temperature shock, like from very hot to very cold or vice versa,
Please note that humidity above 85%-90% affects accuracy of breath counting             

What if the sensor is not recording your breathing rate.

It takes Halo about 5-10 normal breaths to activate the breath tracking algorithm. Wear the mask and breath as normal and a few breaths later the light will be lit and data will start be recorded.