20 Pocket Masks

Only $29.98

The Perfect Balance of Comfort & Performance

Soft On The Nose

Soft, flexible memory foam

>98% Filtration

KN95 & ASTM F3502-21

Room To Breathe

Easy breathing & clear speech

Easy On The Ears

Soft adjustable ear-loops

Shields Up. Prices Down!

Boosting your defensive shield this winter needn't be a chore, or a burden on your wallet.

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What our customers say...

"Bought these for travel as someone I was visiting is immuno-compromised. Very comfortable to wear. Much easier than many other masks."

— G M

"Wore these to travel to South Africa and onto Namibia. Felt incredibly well protected as did my brother who is extremely vulnerable while having chemo."

— Pippin

"We got these for use on long haul flights, and they are ideal... comfortable and easy to use"

— Michael D

"Used these when flying over from the UK to the west coast of USA. Worn for 24 hours of travelling, including two long flights, & three airports. Recommended"

— Elizabeth B

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Make Your Mask More Rewarding