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AirPop Light SE 12 Pack

KN95 | Reusable | Meets ASTM F3502

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An AirPop Light SE 12 Pack cloth mask on a white background.

AirPop Light SE 12 Pack


All-day comfort & effortless breathability

>97% filtration tested to US standards

Each AirPop Light SE is certified to KN95 standard by a CNAS-accredited laboratory. However, we believe it’s important that our masks also meet the standards that apply in the countries where AirPop masks are worn.

As such, the Light SE has undergone further testing by Intertek in New York and British Standards Institution (BSI) With an ASTM F3502-21 Level 2 and KN95 certification, the AirPop Light SE is the only dual-certified mask you’ll find.

Space to breathe & speak naturally

Let’s be honest; no one wants to wear a mask. However, when necessity requires it, you want the most comfortable mask around - now, you’ve found it! 

With our 3D Dome design and ultra-breathable filter, you’ll be able to breathe easily and naturally. If you want to put a number on it, our Light SE masks are twice as breathable as the average KN95 or N95.

All-day comfort with our soft nose bridge

We designed a flexible nose seal to achieve the most comfortable and perfect fit. This seal flips out to adjust to your individual nose shape and creates a seal that stops glasses from misting. 

This provides the Light SE with an extra fitting dimension, meaning it will probably be the best-fitting ear loop mask you’ll  ever try!

Say goodbye to foggy glasses

Many masks claim to be glasses-friendly, but few truly are. The AirPop Light SE is one of the only masks on the market that seals completely to prevent leakage. This means foggy glasses are a thing of the past!

…and hello to comfortable ears!

We’ve all worn uncomfortable masks before. All too often, it only takes a couple of hours for the ear strain to become unbearable. We hate this feeling, and we designed the AirPop Light SE to relieve your ears.

The ear loops are adjustable, and the mask sits primarily on your nose to minimise ear strain.

Contoured fit for everyone’s face shape

AirPop’s goal has always been to create masks for everyone.

To do this, we scanned the faces of 4000 people from locations around the globe. With this data, we designed our Pocket mask from the ground up to provide a fantastic seal and fit. The AirPop Light SE is designed for everyone, everywhere.

Reuse and reduce plastic waste

Single use, disposable masks should be a thing of the past. We only use premium Japanese-made filter media, and in independent lab tests, our masks have been proven to provide > 97% filtration even after ten cleaning cycles. 

Not only does this mean less environmental waste, but it also saves you money in the long run.

Performance that lasts

Unlike most masks, our masks adhere to ASTM F3502-21 in North America and UNE 0065:2020 and AFNOR Spec S76 in Europe. These standards require mask filtration to be tested after wash cycles, and masks must continue to meet their advertised filtration after the specified number of wash cycles. In multiple independent lab tests, the AirPop Pocket has retained > 97% filtration even after ten wash cycles with an alcohol wipe or five wash cycles with water and detergent. This means you can trust your AirPop Pocket to perform, even after it’s been washed.

Cleaning with alcohol wipes

We recommend cleaning your Pocket mask with 70% alcohol wipes to retain the best performance. Cover every surface of the mask, and continue wiping for at least 20 seconds. If the wipe dries up or is small, you may need to use two or three wipes to clean the Pocket mask completely. Once complete, hang the mask to dry naturally.

Cleaning in a hand basin

The AirPop Pocket can also be cleaned in a hand basin using warm water and a mild detergent, gently rubbing the water and soap on the surfaces of the mask. Ensure the whole mask is rinsed in cold water before leaving it out to hang to dry naturally. To retain the best performance, we recommend alcohol wipes.

How to clean Light SE mask

One of the best masks for everyday wear

Ethan Brooke from BreatheSafeAir, one of the most thorough mask reviewers on the internet, had this to say about the Light SE: I can very rarely achieve even a decent fit with typical KN95 and KF94 masks. With the Pocket, and particularly the Light SE, I got a seal with minimal leakage. Furthermore, These masks also feature extensive testing proving the filter's capabilities. Overall, the Light SE is a fantastic, well-rounded mask.

My go-to mask

Christina Butan from Real Simple has made the Light SE her go-to mask. ‘The Light SE mask is incredibly lightweight, doesn't apply pressure to my ears, and contours to my face perfectly. The mask doesn't gap on the sides or at the bottom of my chin, so I feel secure wearing it.’

Best mask for the office

If I had to work in an office every day, I would use the AirPop Light SE masks. They have a peaked shape that holds the mask off my face to make it easier to breathe. I wear glasses, and these masks have a comfortable, cushioned seal around the nose that absorbs moisture and prevents my glasses from fogging.

Hear from Our Customers

The most comfortable mask I’ve found!

The most comfortable mask I’ve found!

These masks are the most comfortable I've found that are also tested to work so effectively. I can sing and dance in them for rehearsals and they are still comfy and easy to wear!

— Hannah C



The silicone nose bridge really works to keep my glasses fog free, and the mask feels light and breathable. By far this is the best mask I’ve used. I only wish I could wash the inside (when makeup gets on it) and reuse it!

— Sloane T

Stops all fogging

Stops all fogging

Most comfortable mask I've tried. Lasts all week at work (40hrs) and I don't feel the need to constantly adjust it. Also great because I have glasses and a largish nose, the silicon nose piece stops any fogging of the glasses from my breath.

— Shane L

No breathing issues

No breathing issues

I have a small nose, and an airway problem and only breath out of one side. In other masks when you breathe in the mask blocks your nostril. But these masks are away from your nose and you can breathe!

— Christine L

Love it!

Love it!

I’ve been using this comfortable mask now for seven months, and I love it. I can easily adjust it to get a good seal on my medium-size female face. Best of all, flipping up those little “gel tabs” makes my glasses fog free.

— Brenda C

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